Complete Church Financial Accounting

Managed Accounting services for churches LARGE and SMALL.

Working with Church Keeper Financial has saved our church thousands of dollars each year. Not only are we saving money but we also have excellent financial information so that ministry decisions can be made.
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Churches save money by outsourcing accounting needs

A church that pays an employee $45,000 - $65,000+ per year can typically save thousands of dollars each month when switching to outsourced accounting. We specialize in cloud accounting softwares and processes that streamline the routine bookkeeping tasks. The church can use the savings on needed ministry items.

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Monthly AVG Savings

Regular Weekly Schedule

Church updates donor records for received donations and prepares and sends off bank deposit.

CK sends weekly Admin Checklist.

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CK is receiving bills and check request and routing for approvals.

Church is approving timesheets and bills.

Church video conferences CK for any updates.

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CK initiates payroll for employee Direct Deposits on Friday.

CK continues to receive bills to pay and routes for approvals.

Cardholders at church are scanning receipts on mobile app so CK can publish to ledger.

CK receives RUSH Check request for $150.00 and immediately routes for approvals. Once approved the check is ready for print at church office.

Church makes a Departmental Deposit using online form and sends deposit to bank. CK confirms amounts with online form and bank deposit emailing receipt to church.

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CK verifies Sunday Deposits for both online and plate offerings are matched up and funded to proper accounts.

CK continues to route incoming bills to approvers.

CK continues to match up credit card receipts.

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Church is closed.

CK sends out weekly Recap, pays bills.

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Church Keeper has been with us since we launched our church plant. We truly value the services they provide.

Frequent Questions

One staff person whom we can communicate financial reports to. Your staff person should have a good to great handle on financial reports. This person will spend on average 5 hours per week on financial activities.

The fee your church pays is based upon the amount of bank accounts, credit card holders, employees on payroll. We assess the volume of transactions, frequency of board reports, how many bills are we mailing checks for, etc. The fee also includes all software costs, there are no additional fees beyond the flat monthly agreed pricing.

Yes. For churches that require onsite accounting staff training we hold 2-3 day training events. These churches are simply using our processes and not paying us monthly for our management services. Churches that enroll in our management services do not require us to be onsite. However on a case by case scenario we will travel and spend time on site at the expense of the church.

Using cloud based applications we process all of your financial transactions and communicate back to you on a weekly basis. Even things like RUSH check requests are handled pronto. We use online and phone support so that you are never unable to get answers or details.

Most churches have a weekly video conference where we discuss matters. Some churches opt for monthly meetings to review financials.  However messenger chat and phone support is uber-responsive and helpful.

While we make no distinction on the type of churches we have a few common success traits.

A church with a plan for growth and/or accountability is a good fit.

A church that needs to trim their payroll budget can save money by outsourcing. A church with 3 accounting staff members can see that reduced to 1 minimal staffer.

A church that has the “old way” but is looking for the “new way” of getting things done is good!

A church looking to modernize their offices is good too!

A church with staff members who are mobile, techy are a good fit.

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